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Stephen Rappaport is a critically acclaimed actor, director, singer-songwriter, solo theatre performer, and playwright. 


He has written, performed, and toured seven one-man theater productions internationally with critical acclaim.   He has a list of credits as an actor in film, television, and theater.  He performs his original material internationally Solo and with The Stephen Rappaport band.  

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Modus 1

Playing the part Jacob Lindström, inspired by the homophobic minister Fred Felps.  This psychological thriller staring Melinda Kinnaman and Henrik Norlén. (This series can be viewed on Netflix)



Playing the part of Richard S. in a labyrinthian theater experience, directed by Jimmy Meurling. 


Stephen Rappaport plays the part of a veteran Porn Star in scene with the preeminent Swedish comedian Robert Gustafsson. 


"The Phage” (season 1, episode 4).  Directed by Winrich Kolbe.  Stephen Rappaport plays the part of Motura who suffers from a flesh-eating virus causing him to be in constant search of replacement organ. Motura steals one of Nelix’s lungs, is captured, beamed up and grilled by Captain Kathryn Janeway.


Season 3 episode 1 “Dr. Carter I presume.”  Stephen Rappaport plays the part of Matthew a radicalized aids patient who gives advice to an aids stricken doctor. 


 Stephen Rappaport plays a shape shifting killer with Michael Nyqvist,  Dominic Monaghan,  Felice Jankell mm.


In The Eye of the Storm, directed by Harald Hamrell.  Stephen Rappaport plays the part of an eco terrorist who leads a team in a plot that threatens to blow up a nuclear power plant in exchange for governmental actions to help prevent the coming environmental apocalypse.

Stephen has written, directed and collaborated on the development of numerous new theatre works with many artists including:  Johannes Anyuru, Shima Niavarani, Susan Osten, Philippe Blanchard, Angela Wand and Johan Wellton.


By  Johan Wellton

Directed by Stephen Rappaport


"A major part of the research and the creation of my new show GLITCH has been a journey together with the director Stephen Rappaport.

Over the three years that we have worked together we have had the best of times sharing stories, truths and lies leading to laughters and tears. It all started in his workshop (that I have taken like a zillion times by now - be aware - it is addictive). Now being able to share this with an audience I feel more free than ever and truly excited about where this whole adventure will take me. I believe we all have a big creative power within us and I can easily claim that mine was rescued and unleashed by Stephen at a time where I had lost my passion/hope and that I am eternally thankful for that.

It is a great, GREAT experience to work with Stephen and I highly recommend EVERYONE - especially actors and performers of all sorts to take on the challenge. You will not regret it, and as a bonus you might end up having the time of your life".

I have been on a roll, writing monologues.  After not writing one for 15 years or so, I have a couple of new ones in the last half year.  AGGREGATE was performed in Sept. at Ö2 Scenen and A PLAY ON WORDS, at TeaterTribunalen in May.


Written and Performed by Stephen Rappaport Directed by Judith Hollander

“A furiously great, refined piece of theatre. After the hour longs performance I touched my head and found it was sitting on another mans body. A little masterpiece.”  

Leif Zern, D.N. Stockholm


“Razor sharp, remarkably breathtaking and provocative… Challenging theatre is rare, but here is a concentrated dose.” 

Ola Johansson SVD, Stockholm


“Rappaport is as frenetic as he is smart, able to crack innumerable jokes while also speaking with deadpan profundity on grave themes, all the while sustaining an irresistible audience rapport…”  

Pick of the Week LA Weekly, Los Angeles


Written and performed by Stephen Rappaport 
Directed by Hope Alexander Willis

"He make us laugh when he wants to...hypnotised, we are caught in the flood of his fantasy that seems endless."  

Dagens Nyheter, Daniel Anderson


"Rappaport is a virtuoso at expressing all things human."

Joe Adcock Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"...amazing physicality...the seductiveness of an uncoiling honour to bestow." 

A. E. White, DB Magazine, Adelaide Australia


Written and performed by Stephen Rappaport 

Directed by Mary Forcade and Bill Talen


"Escalates the solo performance genre by the sheer density of its language, its seamless structure and its mining of the soul."  R. Loynde , Los Angeles Times

"Imagine the manic energy of Robin Williams, the life-affirming strangeness of Zippy the Pinhead, and the grave edge of a Kafka novel all rolled in one human being."        

J.Sturm, Seattle Stranger


"His movement is as balletic as his images are poetic...transforms a dreary stage into a church...a giant leap off the deep end of solo performance ...leaves the rest of the pack, in the dust." 

Morris/Mikulan L.A. Weekly PICK OF THE WEEK


Directed by Stephen Rappaport

WOUNDED ANIMALS (ANGELA WAND), GLITCH (JOHAN WELTON), CHURCHILL VAR INTE HELLER KLOK (Östra Teater) WAR IN PROCESS (Teaterhögkolan)BITS OF BOB'S LIFE (Philippe Blanchard)ONES A COMPANY TWO'S A CROWD (Philippe Blanchard, Gemma Higginbotham)BABY DRAMA, (directed by Susan Osten)AUTODIDAKET I ENMANSAKT (Shima Niavarani)LYNN (Charlotta Öfverholm)ABSTRAKT RAP (Johannes Anyuru)I CAN DO THIS (Circus performance/ University of Dance and Circus)GIV AKT, (SandraMedina)MANLIGHET (Frans Wiklund)HEJ ALLA DJÄVLAR (developed out of workshops with 10 year olds)LILLE MANNEN (Mats Rosen)FISSE OCH RIGORMORTUS PÅ VANILJGATAN (a collage of short stories)

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