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"...exquisitely revelatory... a blisteringly funny, hypnotically wild wrestle with the male ego." Robert Hurwitt, S.F. Examiner


"Rappaport is a virtuoso at expressing all things human."  Joe Adcock Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"A must see show...perceptive observations of human nature are matched only by his seductive stage presence." Barbara Crook, The Vancouver Sun.


" of the most exhilarating artists I've encountered...erotic... fresh...alive.   All who see this show will be encouraged to open their hearts and bodies to freedom and possibility." Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight.


"...amazing physicality...the seductiveness of an uncoiling honor to bestow."  A. E. White, DB Magazine, Adelaide Australia


"Hilarious...undeniably brilliant...don't miss it." The Vancouver Courier


"...a tremendously physical, sensual actor...the presence and timing of a great stand-up comic." Alastair Mabbott, The List Glasgow/Edinburgh


"...entertaining wild fantasy...precise...edgy...engrossing." The Globe and Mail.


"Great script, mesmerizing performance...astonishing honesty and pure skill.  The dreamiest, sexiest, scariest date that never happened." The Kitsilano News


"His talent and intelligence combined with razor-sharp wit and timing make this one of the most hilarious performances of the year." D. Niedermayer, Fringe Review




"Rosenrasande bra... Efter den timslånga stå upp föreställningen tar jag mig om huvudet och upptäcker att det sitter på en annan kropp...ett litet mästerverk." DN Leif Zern


"Rappaport är hundraprocentigt skärpt från första stund och trots att han talar engelska har han publiken i sin hand genom hela föreställningen...spännande, provocerande... mycket sevärd...Utmanande idéteater är sällsynt, men här får man en intensiv dos.."SvD Ola Johansson


"Rappaport is as frenetic as he is smart, able to crack innumerable jokes while also speaking with deadpan profundity on grave themes, all the while sustaining an irresistible audience rapport." Pick of the Week, LA WEEKLY.


"For his writing and acting here show a sensibility as essential yet as hard to fully define as those super-strings that make up the theory of everything in the physical world."  Brad Shreiber, Backstage West LA. (Critics Choice for best written play of 2002)




"Escalates the solo performance genre by the sheer density of its language, its seamless structure and its mining of the soul."  R. Loynde, Los Angeles Times


"an undeniably powerful, challenging, and cathartic experience ...remarkably visceral and unified arresting work, presented by a visionary and charismatic artist." Tony Tran, L.A. View


"Shaped by a level of craft seldom seen on American stages. No one will be less than exhilarated by the journey."  R. Downey, Seattle Weekly


"Most exciting solo performer San Francisco has produced for some time....waxes surreal the way fish breathe with gills ...Amazing." D. Harvey, San Francisco Weekly


"...full of sound and fury, signifying so much to so many.   A show to see again... " E. Shaw, DB Mag. Adelaide Au.


"His movement is as balletic as his images are poetic...transforms a dreary stage into a church...a giant leap off the deep end of solo performance ...leaves the rest of the pack, in the dust." Morris/Mikulan L.A. Weekly PICK OF THE WEEK


"(audiences) will not only be entertained by the court jester but entreated by his genius." Kit Roane, L. A. Reader


"using lightning transformations, sandblaster concentration, and leaps of poetic logic...he never loses grip on the audience.  His storytelling power is hallucinogenic." M. Berson, Seattle Times


"Fanciful, touching, provocative.  I have not seen a more committed, fervent, humane and hilarious performance all year." D. Hughes, Artistic Director, Seattle Repertory Theatre


"...remarkably intense, distilled performance techniques.  A riveting performer." R. Hurwitt, San Francisco Examiner


"Imagine the manic energy of Robin Williams, the life-affirming  strangeness of Zippy the Pinhead, and the grave edge of a Kafka novel all rolled in one human being."   J.Sturm, Seattle Stranger

Stephen Rappaport Band


“Made my bone marrow quiver...Among the best and strongest stage performances I have experienced. Inspirational” Mikael Barani,  Eskilstuna Kuriren


" An insanely sensational performance....Where song and music is mixed with a large helping of theater.... Stephen Rappaport doesn't merely sing his songs, he gestalts them. He delivers a vivid and colorful performance, weaving songs and stories, commuting wildly between humor and profundity juggling various characters so that it all becomes a kind of schizophrenic dialogues...a mixture of poetic ballads, hysterical tango and blues."  C. Djurberg, Nummer


"The stuff of underground Berlin or Prague or places where anything can happen. This is the dark underbelly of rhythm, the gaping maw of music." Buzz Mag, Los Angeles

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