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“Made my bone marrow quiver...Among the best and strongest stage performances I have experienced...Inspirational” 

Mikael Barani, Eskilstuna Kuriren

"An insanely sensational performance....Where song and music is mixed with a large helping of theater.... Stephen Rappaport doesn't merely sing his songs, he gestalts them."

C. Djurberg, Nummer


"The stuff of underground Berlin or

Prague or places where anything can happen.

This is the dark underbelly of rhythm, the gaping maw of music." 

Buzz Mag, Los Angeles

For info concerning upcomming performances please click BLOG.


The Stephen Rappaport Band is made up of Stephen Rappaport, Johan Carlberg, Niklas Gabrielsson and Joachim Backman. Performances are unique in that they are a hybrid of theater, dance, and musical styles. Stephen, known internationally for his mono-dramas, The Chocolate Quarry, The Museum Of Contemporary Art, The Theory Of Everything, leads the band and writes the material. Johan, Niklas and Joachim, all high level, well known Swedish musicians, offer heart, soul and great skill to the gestalt.

Elin - Stephen Rappaport
Sea Foam - Stephen Rappaport
It Gets Me - Stephen Rappaport
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